Dream big dreams
Do Big Things..

iDoScience gives you unprecedented access to the science of now, in various fields of study, happening around the world, in real time! That means if experimentation is being conducted on water quality in the Great Lakes, you’ll know. If initial tests of algae as biofuel prove fruitful, you’ll know. If climate change is hindering the reproductive rates of Monarch butterflies, you’ll know.

Depending on the researcher and posted project, you may be able to participate in an ongoing experiment by collecting and posting your own data—making a real contribution to science.

Get your teachers involved as well! You can help them create fun curriculum by planning and designing science projects that you can participate in throughout the school year.

But more importantly, you can start your own research project, determine the scope, invite others to contribute to your data collection, track the data and post your results online for the scientific community to see. Which may lead to bigger discoveries in the future.

Parents have an important role as well—to keep their child’s scientific aspirations alive and well, full of questioning and wonder. And providing a home environment where learning—and an insatiable search for life’s big answers—propels them to be the next generation of problem solvers.

A young person’s dream fulfilled can change the course of history for the good of all.

What will your first step be? iDoScience.

BETA testing for iDoScience is now in progress. Help us make this program the best it can be by joining our growing community! You can be a BETA tester with a sample project or a scientific observer searching through the program to make suggestions. Any donations to this important project are also appreciated. Thank you for your interest and support!

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