Put The Winds of Science in Their Sails
Set their imagination on course for a scientific future.

iDoScience gives you a remarkable opportunity to align your students’ learning with the exciting scientific research being done today throughout the world. What better way to capture their fascination and direct their imagination than to have them follow what actual scientists are discovering everyday?

Better yet, your students may qualify to participate in real projects designed by professional scientists!

In addition, iDoScience gives you the ability to set-up experiments, follow lesson plans and collaborate with educators everywhere in gathering data and comparing results on fields of study that may effect future scientific discovery.

Homeschoolers get the benefit of a practical curriculum driven by a network of science-minded educators and students—online, 24/7.

The quest for knowledge starts with a “why.” Help your students navigate towards the answers on iDoScience!

BETA testing for iDoScience is now in progress. Help us make this program the best it can be by joining our growing community! You can be a BETA tester with a sample project or a scientific observer searching through the program to make suggestions. Any donations to this important project are also appreciated. Thank you for your interest and support!

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