iDoScience Gives You Total Project Control
Intuitive, Flexible Programming at your fingertips

At its heart, iDoScience is a powerful technology based on standard and widely used data tools, such as Mathematica™ and Google Maps™. Highly intuitive, iDoScience is made for the scientific community to move a project quickly to a collaborative operation without wasting time or precious research dollars

Experience Total Project Control:

1: Create Profile

The scientific community—professional and civilian scientists, students and parents, and educa- tors—register on iDoScience and receive a unique “nickname.” Based on qualifications, each member will receive a specific level of “permissions” that will allow them appropriate participatory abilities.

2: Start a Project

In the Data Center, project managers set-up an experiment and determine the parameters of that experiment based on needed data outpost points and other observables. Participation permissions are assigned. Data and calculations from other files or programs can be integrated.

3: Collect Data

Based on the project’s parameters, data gatherers can add findings and log-in all the specifics surrounding the collected data. Other available projects can be searched and followed congruently. All this is done in real-time, 24/7.

4: Review & Conclude

When the data is collected, it can be distilled and displayed through a myriad of charting choices. Conclusions can be drawn and posted for all to see.

Your data-building research works on multiple levels—to prove your theory today, and to strengthen future scientific theories. The conglomeration of data will be a valuable resource to those passionate about science now—and those who want to make their own discovery in the future.

BETA testing for iDoScience is now in progress. Help us make this program the best it can be by joining our growing community! You can be a BETA tester with a sample project or a scientific observer searching through the program to make suggestions. Any donations to this important project are also appreciated. Thank you for your interest and support!

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