A Perfect Merger of Science and Technology
Enrich Your Research and Increase Collaboration at Internet Speed

iDoScience is all about helping data-driven collaborations to better and more meaningful science. You design your project, set your research parameters, then build collaborations however you wish—by invitation to a select few, by invitation to members of selected organizations, or by allowing open participation by any qualified person anywhere in the world. You decide who views and/or contributes data to your project.

With iDoScience, you can:

  • Get more data—faster.
  • Save money and effort.
  • Upload data from any location on the planet.
  • Expand your collaborations.
  • Share your results with colleagues or clients instantly.
  • Help build the next generation of scientists while making your research more relevant to your own community,and to the world.

iDoScience is the perfect technology for organizations with large databases collected over many years. Upload your data archives and correlate decades of information over geography and time. Now you can finally unlock the secrets that have been hiding in your vaults for years.

Our easy-to-use platform empowers scientists to create almost any type of research project online in minutes and post data in seconds. Using our proprietary implementation of Google Maps you can
now instantly track data and events all over the world, or (astronomers take note) anywhere in the universe.

iDoScience members have extensive chat and sharing tools, including our rapid-response messaging system that instantly alerts all team members to real-time events anywhere in the world.

We know data fidelity is a vital. So we’ve empowered project managers with a defense-in-depth series of safeguards that provide total control over all of the data that makes it into their databases.

Find out how for yourself how iDoScience can help you do more to assess the world around you, connect with clients and team members and unlock the secrets of nature.

iDoScience was designed by physicist and MacArthur Fellowship winner Shawn Carlson, Ph.D. to meet the needs and concerns of professional scientists, as well as educators, students and citizen scientists.

Find out what iDoScience can do for you!

BETA testing for iDoScience is now in progress. Help us make this program the best it can be by joining our growing community! You can be a BETA tester with a sample project or a scientific observer searching through the program to make suggestions. Any donations to this important project are also appreciated. Thank you for your interest and support!

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