Everyone Can Become Involved in the Cycle of iDoScience
Here's How the Cycle of iDoScience works

Scientists working on a research project--in environmental science or astronomy or another subject--realize that the universe is too big for them to handle alone. They need help to get all the necessary data. So they put their project on iDoScience.

Groups of students see it and get excited. Public, private and home schools all join in. Teachers create lesson plans that get their students taking data and discovering what it means. Some students post their own experiments.

Citizen scientists--hobbyists and retired pros--join in around the world.*

Finally, the scientists who started it all gather everything together and post their findings for the whole world to see.

There is a longevity and permanence to the iDoScience.org cycle of science. As our database grows it becomes more powerful. The data you add now will empower scientists of the future to uncover connections that have not even been imagined yet. iDoScience is becoming a wellspring of discovery to be passed through generations of inspired scientific minds, each making their own contributions and changing the world for the better.

BETA testing for iDoScience is now in progress. Help us make this program the best it can be by joining our growing community! You can be a BETA tester with a sample project or a scientific observer searching through the program to make suggestions. Any donations to this important project are also appreciated. Thank you for your interest and support!

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*Project creators have complete control over who does and does not participate in their experiments.