Redesigned this popular kids learning toy package. The client wanted to make this a step above the previous packaging. The logo was also redesigned in the process.

Roman/Golden Harvest

The goal was to produce a premium high end look to a line of wallpaper cleaning and pasting products with attention to a bi-lingual audience.

Beer Labels

Illustrate a proposed design incorporating a “pin-up” style illustration to Hub City Brewery’s Seasonal Ales and a high gravity Russian Imperial Stout.

Radco Military Hydraulic Fluid

Radco needed a fresh new look to their military grade line of hydraulic fluids. The numbers shine through in the metallic color of the can to give this can a retro/military look.

iXo Vivo Drill Powered Cork Screw

Sales needed a way to demo the new iXo Vivo Corkscrew to potential buyers. A branded wine label was created for each demo wine bottle for the kit.

GripLine & ProScribe Tapes

Designed attractive packaging that was meant to hang and stand up for different dealers. Also created the illustrations explained the very unique selling points of these two measuring tapes.

arc Sit-to-Stand Tables

A leading office furniture supplier needed a brand look to their first of many product to appear in Staples. This packaging needed to illustrate how the table can be a standing workstation or a regular height desk/table.