Animations and Videos

EZ Fix Informational Video

Created animation and directed the timing of this new caulk product.

EZ Glide2 Installation Video

Directed simple 3D animation and created all the graphics and animation showing the ease of installation of the new EZ Glide2 system.

Gasoline Direct Injection Marketplace

A leading engine part manufacturer needed a way to inform its sales staff. This animation shows where the future needs for GDI products is going.

Turtle Wax Black Box Black Car Polish

This was a Flash intro for a microsite bringing awareness to a black car polish that was developed by Turtle Wax.

Knaack Data Vault

This low budget animation was created to promote the Knaack Datavault. This jobsite digital planning station combines connectivity and productivity with security.

Fitzpatrick Chilsonator Dry Granulation Roll Compactor

This step by step process animation explains the advantages of the two flight screw dry material compactor. This video is used as a tool world wide to sell this pharmaceutical machine.